Recap of the Interview with Dave Hodgson of Kingdom Initiatives:

Salvation: Dave shared how he was radically saved at a Reinhard Bonnke event. Evangelist Bonnke actually picked Dave out of a large crowd in Perth, Australia with a precise word of knowledge that resulted in Dave surrendering his life to the Lord.

Assignment: God clearly showed Dave that he was to assist a certain pastor in the northeast of Australia. Dave was faithful to do this both financially and in other ways. When God called that pastor to start a new church over 1000 miles away in the Sunshine Coast, Dave said his goodbyes to the pastor having no intention of joining him there. God then spoke to Dave, reminding him that he was assigned to help that pastor. Dave disobeyed for a year and his business crumbled!

Now $75,000 in credit card debt and having no assets, Dave moved his family to the Sunshine Coast and began to help his pastor again. In the next six years, his business grew to be worth over $300 million!

Kingdom Initiatives: Dave’s message is simple, “get rid of greed, fear, and corruption in the marketplace, move away from a business culture driven by maximizing self-interest at the expense of others, and establish a just economy based on sharing, caring, and a goal of bettering everyone.” Dave’s vision is to turn Australia into the world’s first “sheep nation” and to make it a prototype for other nations around the world to follow.

The Key to Favor: Dave believes that embracing one’s Kingdom assignment will invariably attract the favor of the Lord on our lives resulting in supernatural increase. There is so much more Dave shared in this interview!

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