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Kingdom Encounter  Listen to teachings and guest interviews with Glenn Bleakney on issues relating to Kingdom reformation and revival.

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The Days of Elijah | Glenn Bleakney

In these dark and difficult days, God is preparing a people to reveal His glory to the nations. This remnant has responded to the call to enter the secret...

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Riding Out the Storm

Every trial we face is a test of faith. Learn to pass the test and you will be promoted! Your faith must be developed! Learn more about Glenn Bleakney...

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Interview with Lydia Marrow

When Lydia Marrow was nearly twelve years old, she had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit in the altars of Brownsville Revival. After attending Bible school there, she...

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Interview with Corey Turner

Corey Turner, is the Global Senior Pastor of Neuma Church, an international and multi-location church based in Melbourne, Australia. Corey shares on a variety of topics: the Gospel of...

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The Remnant | Glenn Bleakney

God has a remnant today that fears no man but walks in the fullness of His glory seeking His Kingdom and will above all else. Listen to this message...

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What is Kingdom Discipleship?

Watch the full interview with Glenn Bleakney, Founder/President of Awake Nations, on Missions Pulse episode #76 on January 15, 2022 here: https://davidjoannes.com/076glennbleakney — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/glennbleakney/support

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